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What People Say

"It was an honour to be a guest on the podcast series, and I am grateful that Jainish invited me to participate. Jainish and Pallav were both considerate in their questions and how at ease they made me feel when discussing my journey and sharing stories. Truly it was one of a kind experience for me and thanks to the podcast now I can count on Jainish as a close confidant and guide when it comes to marketing, social media content related queries and other things that are related to running a business. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and allowing me to tell my experience via your platform. I wish you the best of luck.”
Satyaprita Gaekwad
Satyaprita Gaekwad
Product Designer & Entrepreneur
“Being a part of the podcast was a fantastic experience. It's a fantastic place to share your opinions and learn something new. This is a true platform where you can have your say and be heard. I'm grateful to RiffScript for giving me a platform to express myself and share my ideas. I'd love to be a part of the program once again!”
Bansari Pancholi
Bansari Pancholi
Civil Engineer
“My time with RiffScript has been fantastic! I was blown away by how enthusiastically both hosts invited me and spoke to me on the topic at hand. Time progressed, and each time they asked me a question out of genuine curiosity, we were led in a new route. Thank you very much for inviting me over. I wish you the best of luck.”
Gargi Sinha
Gargi Sinha
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