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A Bi-Weekly Podcast for Curious Minds.

Looking for a podcast that covers a wide range of topics and stimulates your curiosity? All Fingers and Thumbs, created by RiffScript, is the perfect solution. This podcast features experts from various fields discussing science, art, technology, philosophy, psychology, books, and cinema. RiffScript, a creative studio that specializes in producing high-quality content, takes a client-focused approach to each project to ensure unique needs and objectives are met. Whether you’re interested in podcasts, content, website, branding, or copywriting, their team delivers exceptional results that captivate audiences and elevate brands. Don’t miss out on learning something new every two weeks with All Fingers and Thumbs.

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The Story Behind All Fingers and Thumbs.

To be honest, there isn’t a straightforward answer. It’s more of a scenario from the beginning of time. All fingers and thumbs is also a podcast universe, where we gather a group of brilliant people to share knowledge and experiences. So, when you have some free time, you may listen to and learn from our ensembled heroes.

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Latest Episode

Episode #27 - About Fashion and Styling ft Jinkle Bhatt

Fashion and a few accessories have traditionally been considered the definition of fashion. We all know that being fashionable merely involves dressing well. However, today’s youth are becoming more interested in fashion and styling. It has given us a different viewpoint on how to carry yourself, no matter what you’re wearing!

In this episode of All Fingers and Thumbs, Jinkle Bhatt, a fashion designer and stylist, is our guest. She talks about the history of both lines of work, the constantly shifting demands of the fashion industry, the effects of fast fashion on the environment, the necessity of embracing sustainable fashion, and the significance of understanding our comfort zones when it comes to both – fashion and styling.

Jinkle is an extremely talented stylist. Check out his work or reach out for work by following Jinkle’s work on Instagram.

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Recent Episodes

all fingers and thumbs hindi podcast
What is Trauma? ft SafeNest

Neroly Sharma, Vivek Khattar, and Dhruvika Jhala

history of art
History of Art

Kavya Kumar Bhatt-Artist, Printmaker, and Creator

parenting, society, and decision making
Parenting, Society, and Decision Making

Dr. Jui - Dentist, Talk Show Host (TheLegitTalks)

Meet Your Hosts

jainish soni

An inquisitive cat became an entrepreneur, attempting to carve out a niche for his solid idea in this vast and beautiful world.

For his love of randomness and abstract patterns of life, Jainish decided to pursue nothing after completing bachelors. And just like that, he ventured to the USA for earning a masters degree.

However, fate had it different for him and he was sent home. He, then, chose to embark upon a journey full of uncertainties. Jainish dreamt of creating a community to help creators, individuals, businesses, and artists. In order to fulfil the dream, he started RiffScript with two of his friends. The same dream led him to create this beautiful podcast series named All Fingers and Thumbs.

harshverdhan kher

An artist trapped in the body of an engineer is what rightly represents Harshverdhan!

Harshverdhan embarked on a path to improve his marketing skills after finishing his bachelor’s degree in information technology. As a result, he earned an MBA from one of Australia’s top institutions.

He’s an integral part of both our podcast series and RiffScript. His ability to adapt and orate makes his presence one-of-a-kind and striking. This series would not have crossed continents if it hadn’t been for Harshverdhan.

pallav jhaveri

Pallav is a profound and extremely intellectual creature hidden behind a simple guy with a fantastic sense of humour!

Pallav is working with a well-known American organisation. His acting abilities are matched by his technical expertise. He has a peaceful demeanour and might appear to be an introvert, yet he has an unquenchable desire to comprehend reality in its purest form.

Pallav approaches All Fingers and Thumbs with a new perspective. Our task is made easier and more enjoyable by his ability to improvise and willingness to record our podcast at unusual hours. Pallav is similar to herbs put on a pizza; pizza would not taste as good without them!

What Our Guests Say

"Knowing Jainish is like knowing a ball of fire, only this fire runs on seeking knowledge. Inquisitiveness and dedication together make a recipe for growth. And Jainish has both along with the true ability to self-reflect. The genuineness is incomparable. And along the process came brainchild RiffScript and the vision it held for knowledge acquisition is truly remarkable. Having worked closely for a few years now, when I did the talk on Grief, it came as a timely requisite of circumstances that we all found ourselves in due to COVID-19. Their efforts, readiness and quick wit made it more relatable and left me reflecting on the limitlessness of human capacity to evolve.Their platform is a treasure for anyone seeking finer details of a field. I truly hope they trade farther and wider for everyone to benefit from their many endeavors."
riffscript podcast
Veena Panjwani
Psychotherapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist
"RiffScript is a team of dynamic people, who never limit their creativity to a specific scope/field! And so was the podcast! They ask and discuss things about different fields a commoner would hardly know/believe.Whether it is about an old building or a Chaiwala's success story, they portray the simplest things through their podcast effortlessly and interestingly. My experience as a guest was as if I had a quick catch up with old friends discussing day to day stories of the property market and building construction. Their curiosity about the field expressed through their questions was truly thought-provoking and helped me improve myself in terms of conveying concepts related to my field in the simplest ways."
amatullah zabuawala
Amatullah Nalwala
“It was an incredible experience for me, as it was my first time interacting through a podcast!! Also, being an introvert, you guys made it so simple for me to open up and discuss my engineering experiences before and after!! It was also exciting to be a part of the entire 60 minutes!! It was also fantastic to see old classmates after such a long time!!!”
prayoshi patel
Prayoshi Patel
Interior Designer
"First, RiffScript truly deserves more listeners for all the amazing interviews and podcasts accomplished. Second, the experience with Jainish and Harshverdhan was so unique and fun! Not once did i feel put on the spot in any way and was super happy to converse with them on the NFT space. I only hope their work continues to grow and expand with great success :)"
Moksha Kumar
Moksha Kumar
"Thank you for inviting me to the podcast and for giving me the opportunity to talk about entrepreneurship. Team RiffScript creates very precious podcast for people that believes "entrepreneurship is the best way to advance innovative ideas but we need those ideas not only to create material value but also to foster social progress.The importance of this initiative must be emphasized. Good job 👍 RiffScript."
Ramit Patel
Ramit Patel
"I had an amazing time being part of the podcast, and I am grateful and honored to be a part of this series. Meeting and conversing with Jainish felt like venting my frustrations to a friend I met at the tea shop. The enthusiasm and research have impressed me, and I am very thankful for the respect and care the RiffScript team has given me and my field. I wish you all my best wishes and prayers. P.s. Chabi OP!"
all fingers and thumbs hindi podcast
Kavya Kumar Bhatt
Artist, Printmaker, Creator
"Riffscript has shown variety in its series of works. This podcast does take care of the needs of the listener, which include diversity and depth. We were impressed by the topic and Jainish's desire to delve deep and spread it to the audience when he proposed doing a podcast on generational trauma for our team SafeNest. He was well-versed in how impactful such a topic is, and the mold of the podcast was to make it easier for the audience to comprehend such an intricate concept. Jainish’s perspective on breaking down a complex idea was commendable, his efforts in forming the questions for the podcast were essential, and he performed really well. Team SafeNest is grateful to be a part of such a movement of knowledge and looks forward to imparting its expertise to the audience through Riffscript."
safenest consultancy
SafeNest Consultancy
Neroly Sharma, Vivek Khattar, and Dhruvika Jhala
“Being on the ‘All Fingers and Thumbs’ podcast with RiffScript to reminisce about my good old engineering days was a memorable experience. As content creators who are passionate about their work, I got an inside view of their creative process - how they come up with a theme for an episode and how they formulate questions that have real answers. Being on the podcast was an amazing opportunity and I am really glad that I got to touch on a topical subject and share my experiences. A huge thank you to the RiffScript team for all their support and I wish them the best in their future endeavours!”
arushi doshi
Arushi Doshi
Assistant Cyber Security Manager at Deloitte
“It really was an amazing experience, I was featured in a podcast recording for the first time and I'm grateful to the hosts for making me really comfortable. We almost lost track of time while discussing it. A big thank you for the opportunity and I hope that we collaborate once again someday, for an even better discussion!”
Stavan Pancholi
Stavan Pancholi
“I was invited by Jainish to be on the Riffscript podcast and it was a delightful experience! Right from the actual conversation to the editing and the release of the podcast-it was all very professional and polished! I genuinely enjoyed and learnt a lot from our conversation which ranged from poetry to culture to psychology and more, it felt very organic and I’m grateful to Jainish and Harshverdhan for making me feel comfortable and welcome on the podcast, kudos to them for the work they do! 🌟”
Humaira Kapadia
Humaira Kapadia
Educator, Researcher, Writer
“It was very unique experience for me as I was never featured before in any of the podcast platform. Interestingly, I like the process of their team especially Jainish who was in continuous touch with me. First, he set up a couple of call just to understand the points we can create a content on and later, it feels just so smooth to appear in such podcast. I’m grateful to Jainish & Team for featuring me up and taking time & effort to do so. Great job, man! Keep going.”
Mihir Patel
Mihir Patel
"Being a part of All Fingers and Thumbs was an amazing experience. It felt like a family podcast as we know each other very well. We all know what family brings to table, Vin Diesel (just kidding). It was a great platform to tell my stories to the people and give a little sneak peek into the engaging corporate world. Thank you RiffScript, without you it would have not been possible."
krunal parmar
Krunal Parmar
"A bunch of amazing guys having conversations with local people doing amazing things. I love the fact that it's happening in my city. (Currently, I am binge-listening to the episodes on Spotify!)I am super happy that I was a part of it. Thank you so much Riffscript! I am glad you guys had a fun time with me as well.Keep going extra strong! (They are on most of the platforms, go ahead listen/watch!)"The importance of this initiative must be emphasized. Good job 👍 RiffScript."
Avani Desai
Avani Desai
Designer & A Polyglot
"It was super fun to record the episode with RiffScript. This podcast discusses many fascinating topics, and I got to discuss heritage and photography at length during the episode we shot. The questions were captivating, and the hosts were terrific, fun-loving people. I wish great success with this commendable idea."
all fingers and thumbs hindi podcast
Prarthi Shah
Heritage Consultant & Photographer
"Shooting a podcast with Jainish was something I had been aspiring to since the first time I met him at Brewery. Knowing him a little, I got the idea that he is always curious to know about and talk about topics that fascinate him. Also, he loves promoting different art forms and illustrations that people create. This shoot with him where we discussed food, nutrition, and the environment is one such topic that is very essential for society to know, and so thanks to him for having me on board.A special thanks to Deven for his excellent skills as a videographer and editor.And lastly grateful for the space where we shot this podcast, Anahata bazaar."
all fingers and thumbs hindi podcast
Aastha Mahida
“My experience with RiffScript was not just about dialogue related to specific fields but it was an exchange of thoughts and perceptions of humans to their surroundings. At first, I was amazed by their approach of targetting newbie who is enthusiastic and is trying hard to approach a wider audience. I wish by their proposition more hidden talent can get the right platform to express their expertise. Best of luck to the whole team for future endeavours.”
Kruti Shah
Kruti Shah
“It has been a pleasure doing the podcast with team RiffScript! They made the whole process so seamless and easy. Both Jainish and Harshverdhan were very friendly to talk to. It was the first time I did a podcast and I felt more excited and confident rather than nervous! Kudos to the team! 💯”
shaymi shah
Shaymi Shah
Entrepreneur & Writer
"Mr Jainish Soni the Man behind the success of podcast episode no. 21. I was invited by him to shoot a podcast. He did good research on Diabetes and its physiological impact. It was a great interaction with him. He made the whole podcast very interesting. The way he showed interest in the interaction is appreciable and this shows how passionate he is regarding his work.Special thanks to Deven Parikh (who was behind the camera.)"
Dr Mudrik Patel
Dr Mudrik Patel
MBBS & Diabetologist
"To be honest, I was a little nervous for my first RiffScript talk because I had never done a podcast before, even though working with Jainish was a fantastic experience. His desire for acquiring knowledge is remarkable, and the sort of set he produced was genuinely wonderful while appearing so professional. I want to hear a lot more podcasts in the future."
Shivang Jariwala
Shivang Jariwala
Student, Political Science
"I was invited by Jainish to be on the Riffscript podcast recently. I thoroughly enjoyed being there. We discussed a lot of topics, related to films and also life. The vibe was so wonderful that it felt like we were having a conversation among old friends. It is during frank conversations like these that where we can be ourselves. I will recommend to everyone to listen to other episodes on the Riffscript podcast. Thanks, again, for inviting me."
pankaj sachdeva readingfilms
Pankaj Sachdeva
Blogger, @ReadingFilms
I was delighted to receive an invitation from RiffScript's "All Fingers and Thumbs" podcast. It was my very first podcast appearance as a guest, all thanks to Jainish. The first thing that came to mind was, "Generational trauma would be my focus," and when I told him this, he replied, "Hey, that's my area of study as well," which was pretty cool. It was fantastic to share my perspective on generational trauma for the first time in my life, and Jainish addressed other scenarios that were similar. An opportunity to learn more about society and generational patterns was created because two people were so passionate about the subject.Jainish was the one who comforted me and advised me to be honest about this least discussed subject. Being on the "All Fingers and Thumbs" podcast has many benefits, like that! One of the best conversations that took place at that time involved looking back on the recollections of being educated in specific ways that pointed to ultimate reality. The questions asked were excellent and allowed access to all relevant information. Again, many thanks for the chance. I'm so appreciative and wish the RiffScript team luck with all of their upcoming projects and podcasts.✌🏻"
all fingers and thumbs hindi podcast
Dr Jui
Dentist, Talk Show Host (TheLegitTalks)
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