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fashion and styling all fingers and thumbs hindi podcast
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Episode #27 - About Fashion and Styling ft Jinkle Bhatt

Fashion and a few accessories have traditionally been considered the definition of fashion. We all know that being fashionable merely involves dressing well. However, today’s youth are becoming more interested in fashion and styling. It has given us a different viewpoint on how to carry yourself, no matter what you’re wearing!

In this episode of All Fingers and Thumbs, Jinkle Bhatt, a fashion designer and stylist, is our guest. She talks about the history of both lines of work, the constantly shifting demands of the fashion industry, the effects of fast fashion on the environment, the necessity of embracing sustainable fashion, and the significance of understanding our comfort zones when it comes to both – fashion and styling.

Jinkle is an extremely talented stylist. Check out his work or reach out for work by following Jinkle’s work on Instagram.

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